Valerie Bertinelli may be most recently known for her role as the Jenny Craig spokesperson (see ya, Kirstie!), but now she's sharing the backstory of her rocker-like lifestyle, starting with an appearance on Oprah. On Monday's show,

ET says, the actress will discuss her new book, Losing It: And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time, in which she reveals her cocaine use, infidelity and other personal hurdles. Bertinelli played Barbara Cooper on One Day at a Time but also had a rocky marriage for 24 years to Eddie Van Halen. The actress capitalized on the Jenny Craig op, telling Oprah, "I just figured that if they are going to watch me lose 40 pounds... and there's going to be fat-ass pictures of me with my butt hanging out in Hawaii, I thought, 'Why not let the inner me out, too?'" Kirstie Alley, meanwhile, who was the Jenny Craig spokesperson for the past three years, is starting her own weight-loss brand, with which she promises to make "fat America back into a fit America." Not even a tell-all book can top that! - Anna Dimond Related: " Kirstie Alley (Minus Jenny Craig) to Turn "Fat America" Fit