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Netflix's One Day at a Time is an updated throwback in many senses of the phrase. It's a reboot of a multi-camera comedy that deals with current buzzy topics of sexuality, depression and immigration, while also holding firm on the tradition of being a classic family comedy.

One of the show's standout stories involves teen daughter Elena (Isabella Gomez), who came out as a lesbian in the first season and became a champion for the LGBTQ community in the second. And in Season 3, she's out and proud with a new girlfriend, which means she'll be exploring the physical aspects of her sexuality.

"She's a young lesbian now," showrunner Gloria Calderon Kellett told TV Guide at the ATX TV Festival earlier this year. "She's out, she's dating - well, she has a girlfriend. And so we see the deepening of that."

Why One Day at a Time Is Must-See TV in 2018

The show won't shy away from what sex means for a young lesbian, either. Kellett notes that growing up as a straight woman, she saw many representations of how a straight relationship develops emotionally and physically, but there weren't examples on TV of growing gay relationships. Thankfully, Kellett says, she got educated on that very topic from her diverse writers room, which included many sexual orientations.

"I had to do the 'so.. what's sex?' I don't even know," she said. "As a straight woman, I'm like, is it penetration? Is that what sex is? We really got in there and they really let us know 'this is what it is,' this is how we consider it - stuff I did not ever know, even with my gay friends, I hadn't discussed it in that way with them. So we got those conversations and you're going to see some of those happen on the show this year, for sure."

Season 3 of One Day at a Time is expected in 2019.