Emilie de Raven Emilie de Raven

Emilie de Ravin is getting lost in a whole new fantasy world. On the Valentine's Day episode of ABC's Once Upon a Time, tentatively scheduled for February 12, the former Lost star steps into the slippers of Beauty and the Beast's Belle. "Emilie projects a very natural strength and warmth, which are characteristics we wanted to explore with Belle," explains Adam Horowitz, who, along with writing and producing partner Edward Kitsis, kicked off a six-year stint on Lost writing a Claire scene. 

While this take on Beauty will veer from the traditional tale as old as time, Edward says Belle will interact with her father, crazy old Maurice, the brutish Gaston and, of course, the Beast. (Alas, no singing dinnerware.) "We have a fun spin on it," he says. Later this season, expect visits from Aladdin and his genie!

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