Okay, D.J. screamed like a little girl during that tandem bungee jump but hey, it got his mother some much-needed appreciation from him and it won the Paolos the only Fast Forward on the race, placing them in first. It's a good thing the Paolos started to play nice with each other, because other teams were commenting on their disrespectful banter. I felt a little bad for Mr. Paolo, who looked rather embarrassed when a Godlewski playfully smacked D.J. in the head and suggested he be nicer to his mother. In the long run it doesn't really matter if other teams dislike you. It's not as if they'll have to vote for you to win in the end, like on that other popular CBS reality show. The Weavers are winning no popularity contests with the other teams, but they've continued to prove that good racers don't need no stinkin' alliances on The Amazing Race. This is not the case for the Gaghans, who've made bringing up the rear a habit. Past episodes showed that this team could stand to ask for help at times. Still, they have grown on me. It must be their dogged dedication to appreciating each other's efforts. When the father says "Nice eyes, Carissa," and "Thank you for running so hard," they seem a little less strident than when I first met them. At least they've lasted long enough for the race to take them into international waters. This leg in Panama had everyone racing by boat across the canal. Pretty cool, I'd say. And though the Godlewskis were last to Phil's mat, this nonelimination round was their saving grace. Now stripped of all money, maybe they can sell a few pounds of the clothes on their backs to stay in the game.