OK, who's zooming whom here? Ari's lying to E. that James Cameron wants to can Vince. Vince is selling Ari a line about being obsessed with Mandy Moore to cover up for missing his physical. E. is telling Ari that Vince is having a breakdown in Napa just to screw him for lying about Cameron. And honestly, all I'm wondering is how Aquaman is ever going to make it to the big screen if the only acting going on is off screen. Criminy. Even Drama's denying his tapered-jeans whiteness for some whack OG ghetto-boy act to impress this rapper Saigon. Who, by the way, could finally give Turtle the cred he needs to get out from under his pot-and-PlayStation haze. Anyway, gone are the days when this was just about buddies behaving badly. Now the stakes are raised, careers are at risk and it's all over the woman who once recorded the line "Innocence is what I got. It'll take true love to hit the spot." Who knew? And even though I hated to see poor E. face that "war room" powwow with Miss Moore's fleet of reps, it was totally worth it to have Beverly D'Angelo bringin' the scary as her most ferocious manager. Plus, who else but Ellen Griswold could keep a straight face after Ari's "You've got the biggest c--- in the room" compliment? I mean, that was a compliment, right?