OK, whacking fans, I'll admit I've been a little tough on you guys out there, but here we go again: Best episode of the season (hell, it even had the best episode title) so far, and it didn't have so much as a fistfight, never mind somebody getting killed. I won't go nearly so far as to say poor Vito, since there's nary a regular in the crew who doesn't have some serious bad credit, karma-wise, and thus deserves little sympathy. The darkly comic angle, of course, is that the guy's going to die, either by his own hand or by his former friends', for the one thing he didn't do wrong. So he's gay. I would throw in the overused "not that there's anything wrong with that" if I weren't too proud. But he is in a line of work where you can't afford to be. At least, you can't afford to get caught.

Week to week, we get a fascinating look at the hypocrisy of the Sopranos characters' approach to right and wrong i.e., whoever doesn't get caught is right and even then, whoever hits or shoots first might still be right. But kiss another man without it being on both cheeks and you're doomed. At first I thought, well at least Finn's off the hook now. Until Meadow, whom I thought was smarter than that, put him right back on it. Not only does he have to live in fear of Vito finding out he told, but knowing Vito's got bigger problems is no comfort since he has to feel guilty about that, too. And how great was Tony's session with Melfi, where he called homosexuality disgusting but explained that you get a pass for whatever you do in prison. And that was only outdone by his riff on how the "every day is a gift" approach takes a beating from family problems and trying to work your cell phone. Which takes me to the laugh-out-loud moment of the episode: Tony's argument with the "telephone tough guy" who ended it by saying "hang on a second" and tossing Vito's phone under a steamroller. What brand was that, by the way? I want one that still works after being thrown from a moving car in the rain. And while I'm asking questions, how is it that Finn called it good stuff when it made Meadow pick a fight with him? Not that I would care or even know about such things, you understand.

But again, good stuff applies to the entire hour, which was chock-full of the kind of character-study focus that allows the writers and actors to really shine. And featuring the band X over the end credits? An added bonus.