<EM>Smallville</EM> Smallville

OK, last week's tease was a dead giveaway as to what was going to happen this week: Clark would turn back into SuperClark, mainly because we saw him "die." As if. So I decided to watch anyway because: 1) I write the Smallville Watercooler. And 2) I'm on an unending quest to spot James Marsters. But for the second week in a row, he's a no-show. (So cold, Smallville. So cold.) What we did get was some Lana and Clark lookin' all googly-eyed-in-love with each other. Later, a cybergeek friend of Chloe's tries to blow up Smallville because he's sick and tired of all the freak-of-the-weeks running around town. Apparently he tries to use one of the 15 or so nuclear missiles located in Smallville, Kan. And how did we find out about those little buggers? Because Jonathan told us, in a clumsy bit of exposition with Detective Frau Farbissina (I keep wanting her to say, "Bring on the Fembooots!") Gabriel shoots PowerlessClark, kidnaps Chloe, and Lana grieves over Clark's "death." By the bye, I just loved it when Lionel opened his mouth and sounded just like Terence Stamp. Zod being Jorel is soooo cooool. Except for the part where Papa tells his superson that now that he's with power again, someone he loves will be sacrificed. I say it's time for them to cart Pete back in for an episode, don't you? (I know, so cold.) Meanwhile, Lex seems like he's trying to turn Lana against his ex-BF uh, I mean his ex-friend Clark. Yeah, that's what I mean. Plus WB gives us a sneak peek of Tom Welling's new flick, The Fog. Not one time do we get Tom sans his shirt. I thought they were trying to convince me to see the movie?