OK, want to know the difference between this show and other, more typical, sci-fi fare? It's the little, human moments. Like when Galactica makes contact with the Pegasus after all this time thinking they were the only Battlestar left. There's real emotional resonance amid the dry protocol, and that's the type of thing Galactica does best. "It's like a dream," Apollo says. "It is a dream," his father answers. And played like a good one, particularly during the emotional first meeting between the crews of the two ships, before it rapidly went bad. Michelle Forbes' Admiral Cain outranks Adama, giving her control of the whole fleet, and the crew of the Pegasus wasted no time in alienating their Galactica counterparts, all the way to Cain transferring Apollo and Starbuck to her ship.

But on to the disturbing parts: the nearly catatonic Number Six copy being held on the Pegasus, and the awful and disturbing near-rape scene where the chief kills the Pegasus interrogator. A nice counterpoint: Baltar's speech to the abused Number Six copy. And the moment when Adama hears that Cain's going to execute the chief and Helo, decides he's had enough and launches ships toward the Pegasus. "Admiral, this will spiral out of control fast," her XO tells her as she launches her own, just as... oh, you're kidding me. This episode was moving so fast I didn't even realize it's been an hour, and I ran smack into the cliff-hanger. Another good season, folks. I'll sure as frack be here for the next round. (Oh, man, I'm due for a serious wedgie for being that geeky. And rightly so.) MP

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