OK, so I was thinking that the teens here were supercool, with their lack of tan lines and invisible parents. But then Kristin, Alex H. and Jessica went to Dave & Buster's. Hello, are you trying to find a guy with a windowless white van and an extensive collection of European "erotica" to put you on a milk carton? Come on. And can someone lend Jess a clue? God made people like Jason so people like Oprah could devote entire shows to hotties who cheat and the suburban princesses who don't get it. He staged a phony home invasion at brunette Alex's house just to get her attention! Wake up and smell the Kona blend, honey. Then again, we are talking about a brood who think it's special to call one another "bitch" and compare adorable Taylor to ugly couture. To her face, no less! So sad. Go rent Mean Girls and take notes, OK? And yes, the character of Damian is me. But fatter. Don't ask. All I know is that the possibly postcoital LC and Steee-feeen just came off as the mature ones of the Orange County contingent with their breakfast banter, and that ain't right. I expected more from you, seniors.