OK, we get that the modeling industry is harsh; we get that models have to be ready for anything. But how many times this cycle do they plan on pulling these little gotchas? First there was the bald thing, then there was Tyra's fainting spell, and tonight they planted an actress in an ad agency to insult the girls to their faces and find out who would crack. Of course a classic narcissist like Jade can take criticism she doesn't think anyone's opinion matters but her own. And it figures her mom's all New Agey and probably never discouraged Jade from expressing her true, bitchy self.

Oh, judges, do you really want to see true expression on a model's face? Slo-mo through the moment Nnenna realized her boyfriend, John, was her special surprise. She had to keep hugging him so he wouldn't see her utter disappointment.

Now for "Extreme Makeover: ANTM Edition." There was much cringing going on here as they showed the gruesome details of Joanie's much-needed dental work. Ow. Hooray for Danielle for saying no to fixing the gap in her teeth. Boo to the judges for bullying her about it during elimination. I'm sorry, but has none of them ever seen Lauren Hutton before? Maybe Janice had some kind of rivalry with her back in the day, but she was one of the first "so wrong she's right" models in the '70s, thanks to her gap. Why is it OK for Furonda to look like a praying mantis/E.T., but Danielle's got to get her signature weirdness removed?

Priceless story: Janice going on about getting drunk and walking off the runway at a Valentino show and falling in Sophia Loren's lap. Put-me-to-sleep story: Jay's jabbering on about playing with his sister's dolls.

After yanking their teeth out, insulting them and bringing in an unwanted codependent boyfriend, Tyra decided that the only real way to get the models to show their true souls would be to put searing chemicals in their eyes.

The episode got great photos out of the girls. Furonda just amazes me. Why does she look so bad in 3-D and so good flat? Joanie and Danielle rocked, of course. Jade, well, she should thank Jay for making her a mannequin. Nnenna needs to kick Jay for the baby-doll idea, 'cause that just stunk. Sara is becoming rather forgettable. And Brooke just knew the whole time that this would be her last shot. I hope she went home and had a good girl-power-movie marathon to lift those sunken spirits.

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