OK, Michael pulled through. Pheew. I was really starting to fret that our Talk Soup gay-for-pay pal was headed for the big White Party in the sky. But since he's back among the loving, hopefully he can straighten out (for lack of a better term) his boys, starting with Ben. My god! What is with the violence tonight? First Entourage, now this. Even though beating on that dude at the bombing memorial is so not the hottie's style, I was sort of hoping that he clocked the jerk into a new gender identification just to teach him what's what. I also found myself hoping that Hunter is back for good. As much as his hair annoys me, the kid really grew on me. As for Emmett, he probably doesn't need Mikey to shake him out of his post-traumatic haze now that he's got the increasingly endearing Drew to keep his endorphins pumping, right? No, the one I'm really worried about is Brian. Not only is he being uncharacteristically sweet with the survivor-guilt-ridden Ted, he's selling his loft, closing Babylon and popping the question to Justin! After months of bad-mouthing the happy couples crowded around him? Huh. Maybe there will be a happy ending for Liberty Ave.'s most fabulous. The kind they don't have to pay for up front, I mean.