OK, I'll say this right now (and admittedly, it's off the top of my head so my chronology may be way off): I love this show, but if it turns out that some or all of what's happened turns out to be a dream or hallucination of Tommy's and he's still lying in a basement somewhere, I'm gonna be p---ed. Not that I think that's the case, necessarily, but I'm warning you now. And have I mentioned that watching this every week makes me miss living in New York? It's weird enough that a show about burning buildings, adultery and substance abuse has me waxing nostalgic, but what's even stranger is that it's the scenes where Tommy and Johnny blast each other that get me wanting to be back there.

Enough about me. My biggest giggle of the evening came when Tommy told Sheila a black eye wouldn't make him come over, but she should call him if Debbie sets her on fire. Speaking of which, after the unexpected twist of Laura thinking Tommy has a thing for her, we see Debbie tell Tommy that Sheila gave herself the black eye in order to get him there. You guys buying that? Frankly, I can see it going either way. (And her raising her hand for a high five gave me another chuckle.) Which brings us to the end, with Mickey, Tommy and Johnny confronting Murph, Kevin in tow, and the tragedy that followed. I thought Kevin might pull a gun, but I was surprised to see him turn it on himself. This show keeps surprising me, all the while mixing comedy and drama as well as, or better than, anything else on TV at the moment.