OK, before everyone gets all "huh?" about this being on a different night, lemme break it down. Seems that nobody is watching my Philly boys, so FX thought it was wise to move them from Thursdays to Tuesdays in hopes of catching the Rescue Me crowd instead of the Starved set, who are apparently too busy purging to tune in. And I, for one, celebrate this, since a band of firefighters with no morals makes the perfect tag-team for three dudes with no clue. Faking cancer to score with a waitress wearing a Lance Armstrong bracelet? Charlie, how could you!? Though, given the company he keeps, it's not surprising. After all, Mac is hooking up with a tranny because she thinks he's ripped, Dennis is bagging the purchasable object of Charlie's obsession affections and Sweet Dee is hiring a plus-size theater geek to spice up Paddy's with a scary Coyote Ugly act that makes Piper Perabo's writhings look like Twyla Tharp. It's all so very, very wrong. As wrong as the crotch shots of Brittany Daniel, erasing all memories of Sweet Valley High. Or the Rick Astley montage. Or me laughing so loud that Pepito the Wonder Chihuahua raced over and licked my entire face. Which probably sounds wrong, too, but trust me. Like this underrated little hoot, you really shouldn't mock it until you've tried it.