OK, forget the fun little intro and presurvey snaps. We need to cut right to the chase with this one. You know what I'm talking about. And anyone who can send me verifiable proof gets a big ol' shout -out next week.
1) What did Casey say about Awful Alex M.'s hygiene? Eww, is she stinky somewhere, or is she short-staffed in the personal-grooming department?
2) And how would Casey know anyway? I didn't think drag queens used the ladies' room.
3) How much are we loving Alex H.? Granted, her Billy is no Pepito the Wonder Chihuahua, but the girl speaketh the truth about Steeephen needing a lady to get over Kristin.
4) But was telling Talan about Kristin's trip to San Fran a little shady? Just a little maybe?
5) What's with the lone Lauren sighting? And why is she hanging with Casey of all people? If that hair-extensioned, nasal-strained gossipmonger is in fact human. Nobody seems to know.
6) Could Kristin have been more bored with watching those fireworks with Steeephen? And can we say "denied!"? No nookie up North, huh?
7) What would you rather have: dinner cooked by Talan or the answer to No. 1?
8) Is something going on with Poor Dumb Jessica? Kiddo went an entire scene without calling Jason the Chronic Cheater. And I'm not even going to mention her boobs.
9) And where was Jason? Do we think Awful Alex ate him, or is he off having his Amish beard trimmed?

BONUS: Is The Fog remake gonna be a) as scary as Demi becoming the first new Mrs. Kutcher, or b) scarier than that mother-abusing teen nightmare in the Cinderella ball gown on My Super Sweet 16?