OK, we get it already, everybody hates the Weavers. Teams were clamoring to yield them, and the Paolos did. There must be something off-screen that those clever editors refuse to show us because I don't get the animosity towards this one team. At first I thought it might be the Weavers' devout nature that was annoying the other teams, but now I don't think so. Usually they are sequestered in their vehicle when praying for directions or are working alone on their challenge when they cry to the Almighty for success. So that can't be it. I don't know, maybe everyone else is jealous that the Weavers are running the race on their own terms without relying on any alliances. After all, they were raised not to trust others. But when their van got stuck in the mud, Mrs. Weaver sure didn't hesitate to try to rope in a local for help. Loved the who me? look he cast over his shoulder when she honked and gesticulated wildly to summon his assistance. Speaking of gesticulating wildly, those Godlewski sisters are a cacophonous bunch, aren't they? They argue at the drop of a hat and get all emotional just as quickly, though they survived the nonelimination round easily enough. I'm always amazed that teams manage to get money from locals with a camera crew hanging around. Like that's not a clue that they really don't need the money! On the other end of the spectrum are the Bransens. Does the father remind anyone else of Eeyore? He's a bit of a downer and I'm not quite sure how they are still in the race. I feel the same about the Paolos, who I did not think would last this long but there they are, hefting bananas around Costa Rica and coming in first place again. The show seems to have been therapeutic for them, which is nice to see. The Gaghans, however, brought up the rear and left the show with a tearful goodbye. They had such promise, being marathoners and all, but it wasn't meant to be.