OK, this episode easily earns the award for having the word "boobies" said the most times on prime-time TV. I had read about Howie's obsession with "breasteses" and his flirting with the only out boy in the house, Beau, on some of the minute-by-minute write-ups of the live feed, but Howie in action is certainly a sight to behold. I hope that he gets to stick around for a while, because he is a fun character to watch, unlike the bitterly brutal Ivette, whose attempts at humor just come across so abrasive and wrong. I wouldn't be sad to see her go the next time Kaysar and Co. get control. That is, if K doesn't get evicted this week. Please, no, I swear he's getting hotter every week. But that flip-flopping Sarah said she'd do whatever she could to save her "man." Here I thought James was the shady one, but it turns out that maybe the mousy, quiet girl is his equal in lying and deception. That would be something to tell the grandkids. And on a slightly off-topic note, did anyone catch that clever CSI commercial? The one where the writer is dragging a corpse around because he's taking his work home with him? That humorous take on such a serious drama was a nice change of pace and may convert me from a part-time CSI lover to a full-fledged watcher. It would be a nice scripted show to look forward to when this whole summer of secrets is over.