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Oh, my god, I just had as much fun at Clark's prom as I did at my own! And trust me, I was tanked that night. From the get-go, I knew this was gonna be a riot, with convention-hating Chloe up for queen and that insipid clique-monster Dawn Stiles running around triggering flashbacks of the good old days at Monsignor Bonner High. Which is sort of weird, since it was an all-boys school, but whatever. It only made things merrier when vile Stiles met her end in a meteor-laden gorge while talking on her cell and driving that act should be punishable by death anyway. And the whole Mean Girl Ghost body-jumping joke gave nearly everyone on the Smallville call-sheet a chance to let, like, totally loose. Though I'm not sure what was more of a hoot: Lois' Patty Simcox persona, the regressed Martha moaning about Lana being "so last year" or Clark's campy "that crown is mine, bitch" smackdown on Chloe. Let's just say a good time was had by all. Especially anyone who saw Lana show up at the end in that knockout outfit. Yowza. Is it even legal for teens to be that hot? Oh, and as for that twist with the DOA Bridgette Crosby, I guess those rumors about Jason's future are true after all, huh? Oh well. Laters!