Oh. My. God. I may actually be speechless. Yet there's so much to say, like, "How on earth did music producer David Foster allow this to happen?" Not only has the man best known for lots of cheeseoid '80s pap-pop and for plowing down Ben Vereen a few years back given Fox full access to his home, he's also exposed himself as the grumpiest man ever to own a named estate packed with Grammys, golf carts, gardeners and a goofy trophy wife. Fittingly, that woman is Bruce Jenner's ex, Linda, who is so Dr. Phil-tarded that she's coddled her sons (and Foster's step-liabilities), Brody and Brandon, into poster studs of celebrity slacker spawn. Are they awful? Hells yeah! Spending four nights a week at Nobu on David's dime, hosting huge pool bashes behind his back, sleeping all day, being thin and hot all night. We hate them. But are they watchable? So far, yeah. Though probably not for the reasons Fox wants. Sure, the idea of Foster cutting these kids off financially is very Simple Life-y, but there's more going on here. So even if the party's over for our two Princes, we can at least hope that it's the start of a positive change for this royally messed-up blended family. 'Cause with all they have, god knows, this is something they actually need.