<EM>Big Brother</EM> Big Brother

Oh, brother... are they really going to try to vote Ivette out? Kaysar is going to flip when, I mean if, America votes him back in.  He's been gone one week and his "sovereignty" has disintegrated. They tried to overthrow James and his honey, but failed miserably, and ticked off half the house in the process. Honestly, I think they should have let Piñata Howie make the decisions... maybe that big dummy could have figured out how to keep James from winning Power of Veto. They were all kept separated before the contest apparently Big Brother knows that these people need the collective brain to solve the challenges. Meanwhile, I still can't decide who is the most annoying houseguest.  April might take the crown this week. She's all over James' case for being deceptive and lying, yet it seems like she's next in line to inherit his backstabbing throne. Sarah and her whiny sobbing about how much she loves James are running a close second, but that was actually less annoying than it was nauseating.