Oh, Ari. What have you done? The car? Gone. The job? Vapor. The Batphone? Dead. All you have left is Lloyd! And as great as his "There's got to be a moment after..." speech was, he still sort of sucks as an assistant. Plus, he drives a prop car from The Fast and the Furious. This is so not good. Obviously someone wasn't paying attention or paying for a Variety subscription back when Ovtiz ditched CAA to start his own agency, huh? Even if the Gold-en god does manage to do the bootstrap thing, I hate to think what Terrence is planning to keep his client list intact. Though, honestly, he can have Vince. I'm done with that one, falling for Mandy Moore like a 12-year-old, getting all bitchy with the boys and now dumping "Aquaman" just because she wants to go back to her fiancé. Please! It's James Cameron! You don't quit a Cameron flick over a girl! And as Kate Winslet knows, you don't even quit over a crappy script. So, boyfriend, ya better suck it up and grow a pair, pronto. Ari, too. There's only one episode left and I will not accept this season ending with everything in turmoil. I have my own life for that sort of nonsense, OK?