Oh, the annual Dundie awards. Another opportunity for Michael to insult his employees with politically incorrect jokes and offensive put-downs while singing bad karaoke at a Chili's happy hour and dressed in a tuxedo, no less. And yet it's all so freaking funny! The Hottest in the Office award? The Tightest Ass award? (OK, I am sure a lot of you wouldn't mind if those honors were doled out at your office!) And how hard did you laugh when Phyllis realized her trophy said "Bushiest Beaver" instead of "Busiest Beaver"? (No, they didn't!) Poor, poor Pam needed to get totally smashed to make it through the pathetic ordeal. Well, at least her award was clean literally. She got the Whitest Sneakers award, and her acceptance speech was brilliant to say the least: "I'd like to thank God, 'cause God gave me this Dundie. I feel God in this Chili's tonight. Whooooo!!! This is the best Dundies EVER!" Ah, the girl deserves a break. With a boss like Michael, she should get smashed like that every day.