It's the first official elimination show, which the superfluous Brooke Burke calls "The INXS Decision." Is that like the Spanish Inquisition? It certainly sounds that ominous. Especially for Elvis' hyperactive twin J.D., who is getting called out by the band. Sayonara, bro. But, wait... INXS is asking for an encore? The Aussies liked Tuesday's "California" nightmare?! Man, I was near certain that Elvis would be leaving the building tonight. Shows what I know. Still, the bottom three aren't that surprising: Tara, Wil and Suzie. Let's see how they do performing actual INXS songs.

Tara lands "New Sensation." In my opinion, one of INXS' best, if only for that opening line: "Live, baby, live!" If I had a dollar for every time I shouted that... But it's just not working for me. I feel like I'm at some club watching a cover band. Maybe the Coors Original on my coffee table has something to do with that.

I was hoping all three contestants would have to perform the same song; then we could really tell who rocks. But that's not the case. I guess the producers doubt our attention span. So Wil is saddled with "Need You Tonight." He sounds better than Tara, but he's clearly not into it. And again, he's singing only to the girls in the front row! Enough already, Casanova. You'll never win over the people with lawn tickets when INXS hits the amphitheater circuit next summer.

Finally, someone steps up! Suzie's version of "Never Tear Us Apart" is spot-on. However, I think she might consider getting tested for Rimes Disease, 'cause she's sounding just like LeAnn to my ears. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Time for the bloodletting! Tonight's Pete Best is... Wil, who's just too pretty to be a dirty Dionysian rocker. And don't you just love how guitarist Tim Farriss reinforces the name of his group when he gives Wil the bad news: "You're just not right for our band (pause), INXS." Timmy, we know. As for you, Wil, don't feel bad. Abercrombie will be calling soon.