Rainn Wilson by Chris Haston/NBC Rainn Wilson by Chris Haston/NBC

Could "Dwangela" be in trouble for good? Does Dwight get a new love interest when The Office returns April 10? TVGuide.com had the opportunity to ask series creator Greg Daniels and cast member Rainn Wilson (Dwight) about what's in store for Dunder-Mifflin's No. 1 paper salesman, especially now that Angela and Andy are dating.

Daniels turned to Wilson and said, "Remember in your audition when you improv'd his ex-girlfriends? It's part of his character that he has some exes out there." Wilson then recalled, "We did an improvisation with me and Jenna [Fischer], where I told her that I had an ex-girlfriend stationed in Kuwait City... a reservist. I don't now if that's coming into play, but we will be seeing a lot more sides and facets of Dwight when it comes to dating."

Well, doesn't that pique your curiosity about who will play the new woman in Dwight's life? Who do you think should play the part? - Erin Fox

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