The Office I think I've mentioned before that this show just keeps getting better every week and while that's pretty much the best thing you could hope for as a viewer, it certainly makes for a sobering visit to Season 1, Episode 2 on a quiet March evening. Don't get me wrong: "Diversity Day" has plenty of cringe-worthy, laugh-out-loud moments (I could rewind the Chris Rock -style "What you want, a cookie?" until my poor TiVo conks out, and giggle uncontrollably every single time), but it's also sort of like watching Bambi

learn how to walk all over again. At this point in the game, Michael Scott's more bluster than awkward nuance; the Jim-and-Pam nonromance still seems to be so new that it's missing the wonderful lived-in comfortableness that makes them so utterly meant-to-be; and even our truly delightful cast of Dunder-Mifflin employees comes across as faint sketches of the well-developed oddballs they'll soon become. For instance, what is with that blouse Kelly's wearing? And why doesn't Meredith get to speak? I feel like I should be taking detailed notes as some sort of fictitious anthropological study. Which I'm guessing means that A) I've become so over-the-top obsessed with this show that I'm actually willing to think about it in scientific terms and 2) please, for the love of Jim Halpert, let next week's episode be a new one.