The Office
Oh dear, I'm beginning to sense a pattern: new episode, rerun, new episode, rerun. Just because you've promised us a summer run of Office "webisodes" doesn't mean you can toy with my heart this way, NBC. Shame on you! On the plus side, jumping into the ol' Dunder-Mifflin way-back machine does give us a chance to marvel at the mockery of a haircut Jim used to have he looks like the long-lost tambourine player from

Herman's Hermits. I also get a kick out of seeing how self-conscious everybody acts around the cameras at this early stage of the documentary; in particular, Pam seems extra-shy when Michael asks her to go through the motions of giving him his messages, but by the time Season 2 rolls around, she'll actually be in cahoots with the crew, using them to suss out Dwight and Angela's secret affair. That whole cameraman/employee relationship could be easy to miss, what with half of it existing in that invisible fourth wall, and yet it's one of my very favorites on the show.

As for the actual plot this week, it's the one where Dwight chooses a new health-care plan for everybody which leads to the staff's admissions of having such terrifying new diseases as "spontaneous dento-hydroplosion," "government-created killer nanorobot infection" and something called "hot-dog fingers." And as a self-proclaimed sucker for anything slightly resembling a gag reel, my absolute favorite moment in the entire episode belongs to our eternal sourpuss Stanley I can't think of anything more delightful than a two-and-a-half-second shot of Leslie David Baker so overcome with laughter that his only option is to physically force the tears back into his skull, using only the back of his hand. Careful, dude I almost lost an eye that way.