The Office
Well, I was going to save this for a closer, but I just can't wait. How friggin' genius are those "The More You Know" PSAs? Absolutely brilliant and I have to say, I'm really proud of NBC for not only supporting this show 110 percent, but also having the good sense to let these guys color outside the lines a little bit. I've been in a funk all week over the increasing corporate sanitization of the airwaves (we just suffered a recent blow here in L.A. with the firing of Dicky Barrett from Indie 103.1's morning radio show, and I've sort of been taking it like a death in the family), so it's a tiny bit of salve for the soul to see one small step in the right direction. Not to mention that the first one made me laugh so hard I choked on my beer, and that's almost always of the good.

All right, enough soapboxing. Michael's birthday makes for some delightfully painful celebrations any time somebody gets hoisted face first into the ceiling tiles, I'm completely on board. And really, who doesn't dream of enjoying a nice bologna, tomato and ketchup nonparty sub to ring in another year? Other festive highlights included Dwight's recorder serenade of "For the Longest Time," the staff's gift of "Night Swept" cologne, and Michael's oh-so-subtle attempt to show off his hockey skills by taking the entire office to a skating rink (speaking of which, bonus points to the writers for getting a Zamboni into the show). Meanwhile, Kevin's anxious wait for his skin-cancer test results brings out the best in everyone except a jealous Michael, natch, whose homemade Livestrong bracelet may literally be the funniest thing I have ever seen. And finally, to translate a certain "Lazy Sunday" catchphrase into Dunder-Mifflinese: Jim & Pam + Rite-Aid = Crazy Delicious.