Catherine Tate, Will Arnett Catherine Tate, Will Arnett

It's serious business replacing the never-taken-seriously Michael Scott (Steve Carell) on The Office. After the implosion of both the sexist, nepotistic Deangelo Vickers and the power-mad, armed Dwight Schrute, Dunder Mifflin pulled out all the stops to find the right manager on Thursday's season finale. While there are rumors about who may already have the job and who definitely doesn't, nothing's official until the Season 8 premiere in September.

Let's do a follow-up interview with each of the candidates and decide who would make the best successor for the World's Best Boss — quickly, before Creed wants to set up a lunch with his 4th and 9th-best clients. (Note: Jim Carrey's character didn't make the final list of contenders because, let's face it, this guy is never leaving the Finger Lakes.)

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Fred Henry (Will Arnett)

For him: Paper experience! Plus: He seems ready to take risks with his three-step plan to double profits.
Against him: He refuses to share that plan with his interviewers. (Paranoid much?)

Warren Buffett (as himself)
For him: Have you seen his resume?
Against him: He demands a better salary and gas mileage and seems to spend an awful lot of time on the phone.

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Robert California (James Spader)

For him: He's really confident... and really creepy.
Against him: Dwight has the ruthlessness thing all sewn up in this particular office. We don't need another villain.

Darryl Philbin (Craig Robinson)
For him:
Up until this episode, he was always the smartest guy in the room. Plus: His special relationship with Microsoft Office mascot "Clippy" made us giggle.
Against him: He totally blew the interview. No resume? Really? Michael's replacement needs to be prepared for anything.

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Merv Bronte (Ray Romano)

For him: Merv's sad pessimism (thanks to his run-in with Spader's California) seems like a good fit for Dunder Mifflin's existing menagerie of neuroses.
Against him: In his interview, Merv asks if he can use his relocation stipend to move further away, to ensure that he'll never have to see his coworkers outside of the office. Not on this show, brother!

Andy Bernard (Ed Helms)
For him: He has a surprising attention to detail, as shown by his expansive knowledge of the sun.
Against him: He doesn't really want the job. ("Andy for Manager?" asks his lapel button.) He just applied to impress Erin. But this job is on his list, so we'll see what Rosa comes back with.

David Brent (Ricky Gervais)
For him: He's done it before.
Against him: He Skyped it in.

Nellie Bertram (Catherine Tate)
For her: Nellie channels Michael's sweet naïvete with plans to get rid of cubicle walls and titles, fire the lowest-performing employee each month and hire a Thai masseuse named Sook Yi (say it out loud). Nonsensical? Sure! Scott-ian? Absolutely!
Against her: While she is Jo's best friend, Jo is not her best friend.

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