The Office It's "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" this week on a new episo  wait a second, Kevin's engaged ?! I have no idea how to process this information. So instead, I'll just turn my attention to quite possibly the most adorable little girl who has ever walked the earth: Toby's teeny, tiny daughter, Sasha, makes me want to giggle hysterically and burst into tears all at the same time. "What's a Nazi?" Seriously, you guys, I'm crippled by the cuteness. As is Michael and as I've experienced before (see also the George Foreman Grill Incident), when I find myself identifying too closely with one Michael Scott, the urge to see a therapist becomes almost unbearable. The boss man puts on a multimedia extravaganza to entertain the troops ("Who likes Dane Cook

?" may be the greatest button to a scene all season) from a Dunder-Mifflin Unplugged performance of "Teach Your Children Well" to an old tape of "Fundle Bundle," a fictitious children's show that features both the journalistic prowess of Edward R. Meow and the hilariously devastating foreshadowing of Michael's lonely future. (First of all, mad props to Kelly, aka episode writer Mindy Kaling, for getting a puppet into the show; and secondly, do you know how depressing something's gotta be to make Edward R. Meow speechless? That cat's a total pro.) And as for my weekly gushfest over the gift that is Jenna Fischer, how fantastic is the look she gives Jim as he wins over hipster-to-be tweenager Abby? Equal parts jealousy, disappointment, admiration and pure, unadulterated longing. I'm lucky to experience that many emotions in a two-week period, and she manages to pull them all off simultaneously. I'd accuse her of showing off if I weren't so darn smitten.