Talk show host Rosie O'Donnell was taken to the hospital early this morning after the stitches from her recent tendon surgery became infected. "She was in pain," her rep, Lois Smith, tells TV Guide Online. "She probably should have spent a little more time at home and not have shown the entire world her stitches." O'Donnell went under the knife last Friday, and unveiled her stitches on Tuesday's Rosie O'Donnell Show as well as Live with Regis &#038 Kelly. The View's Joy Behar served as substitute host on O'Donnell's program today, and may be called back into action tomorrow. "[Rosie] had every plan of coming out [of the hospital] tonight and being back tomorrow, but to be honest, I don't know," Smith adds. "I think it's a little early." O'Donnell injured her hand last summer while on vacation.