The O.C. Am I a bad person if I say I don't see the big deal about Marissa Cooper? I'm talking the character, here. Everyone who comes into contact with her puts her up on this pedestal, and all of a sudden they can't live up to the myth and the legend that is The Marissa. Remember whatshername who dated Ryan and then ended up being Kirsten's half sister? Now Caitlin is all (I'm paraphrasing), "My birthday was like the one day every year that was all mine. I mean, like, do you know what it's like to have her for a sister?" I don't get it. Change of topic. I'm just going to settle on what a great job Adam Brody is doing. Seth is spending a little quality time with an emotion called angst. He doesn't want high school to end because it's turned out (against all odds) to be a happy time for him. Now while it's weird that Caitlin basically became his drug pusher, Seth turning to pot is kinda realistic, because he's subconsciously started sabotaging his dreams of going to Brown. Smoking pot

and skipping his interview? Not good for Seth, but great for us. And I like how Ryan's being all supportive of his pal. I mean, how many times has Seth been there for his Chino almost-brother? But I do have to say, this whole pot-smoking thing borders on after-school-special territory. Either that or a very special Family Ties (Alex takes speed!). Or a very special Saved by the Bell (Jesse takes speed!). Well, not really, but those are two of my favorite "very special" episodes of all time. Let's just hope Seth's problem lasts more than one episode.