The O.C.
Has it already been a month since last we visited The O.C.? My, how time flies when you're busy watching the Winter Olympics,

American Idol, Project Runway, Skating with Celebrities and Supernatural. Summer kicks things off in voice-over fashion, making me afraid that I accidentally ended up in Tree Hill instead of Orange County (love the show, hate the voice-over). She convincingly channeled Chad Michael Murray's melodramatically inane VOs while she philosophically yet poetically deliberated the all-important choice of which bikini to wear, until Marissa walked into her room and Summer manually turned it off. Loved that she faked the funk. Then everything got very Real World: Las Vegas (or is it Laguna Beach) when Seth, Summer and Marissa were in the hot tub pretending to go all threesome on us. I must admit, at this point, I got scared again. Maybe it's just me but when Marissa said she hadn't seen Ryan in a while, she didn't seem too bothered by it. So imagine my joy when the dysfunctional duo finally called it quits. After all, it's only fair since Ryan was already moving on to Johnny's cousin Sadie. And speaking of Johnny, I give permission to the show to drop any and all references to the late-not-so-great surf boy. I hate it when shows suddenly ignore plot points, but I'll make an exception this one time. Let's briefly talk about Matt. Are we supposed to think Mr. Ruthless Business guy is in love while Sandy turns into a younger, hotter, bushy-eyebrowed Caleb? Like Kirsten, I'm baffled by this Sandy-losing-his-soul-to-the-Newport-Group stuff. I forget 'cause it's been a while: Is Seth still a pot smoker or not? And finally, Julie Cooper transforming into Sharon Stone circa Basic Instinct was sad but funny. Bettina Charles

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