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President Barack Obama's last Q&A session with Republicans went so well he wants to have another — this one televised live, for half a day, with the focus on health care.

He told CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric in an interview before Super Bowl XLIV that he wants Democrats and Republicans to come together "to go through, systematically, all the best ideas that are out there and move it forward."

C-SPAN seeks congressional OK to televise final talks on health-care bill

The live telecast of the bipartisan meeting would occur Feb. 25, and suggests Obama is eager to win Republican support for Democrats' struggle to pass health-care legislation.

VIDEO: Health care isn't dead, says Boehner

In a statement, House Republican leader John Boehner said he is "pleased that the White House finally seems interested in a real, bipartisan conversation on health care. ... The best way to start on real, bipartisan reform would be to scrap those bills and focus on the kind of step-by-step improvements that will lower health care costs and expand access."

The White House denied the president considers it starting over.