Katie Holmes, Gordon Ramsay Katie Holmes, Gordon Ramsay

Why all the feuds? This week featured major disagreements between a Weeds couple, Seth Rogen and Entourage, and the audio and visual portions of Katie Holmes' So You Think You Can Dance number. Good thing the president was there to weigh in — and fuel the biggest feud of all. Welcome to Top Moments, Everybody-Just-Be-Cool edition.

7. Least Traditional Birth: On Weeds, after Esteban calls off the wedding and sets up a Rosemary's Baby-style hideout in his guest house, Nancy escapes and quickly decamps to her gyno's office, where she demands to be induced. When the doc (guest star Alanis Morissette) hesitates, Andy spills the whole sordid, drug-fueled story. And then Nancy has a baby boy.

6. Most Subtle Wardrobe Change: True Blood's Maryann addresses Tara's growing skepticism by dressing up in Sookie's grandmother's clothes. It's a clever, subtle way to convey the maternal warmth Tara so lacks.

5. Ugliest Debate: The Entourage boys and their gals scrutinize Seth Rogen's suspect movie match-ups with such hotties as Katherine Heigl — and Drama's date cops to once bedding the "oddly fascinating" teddy bear. The meta moment goes mega when Rogen sounds off in real life, calling Entourage boss Doug Ellin a "moron."

4. Best Thing to Watch Second-Hand: While this week's solar eclipse attracted oodles of tourists who wanted to witness the six-or-so minutes of history firsthand, those of us who remember that staring at the sun is a no-no enjoyed the experience on TV or online. Who says we didn't learn anything in sixth grade science class?

3. Next-Time-Maybe-Just-Dance Award: Katie Holmes turns up on So You Think You Can Dance to perform "Get Happy" in a charming tribute to Judy Garlandor is it Britney Spears? She's a good dancer, but her poor lip-syncing is on par with the former pop tart's. Good thing Holmes has that acting thing going for her.

2. Best Kitchen Flare-up: This season of Hell's Kitchen has plenty of big personalities, but ex-Marine Joseph has the biggest. Joseph charges at Chef Ramsay after being called out in the elimination ceremony, even asking Gordo to step outside. Naturally, the showdown ends with a cliff-hanger into next week. But here's one thing we know for sure: The show would be crazy to let Joseph go.

1. Executive Decision Award: You know what's rough? When your boss says you've done a bad job. Know what's worse? When the president of the United States says it, to a prime-time, national audience. It happened this week to a Cambridge, Mass., police sergeant who arrested an African-American Harvard professor after the professor broke into his own home. The sergeant said he arrested the professor for being disorderly as he tried to get the facts. President Obama said police "acted stupidly." (He later said he could have chosen his words more carefully, and called the sergeant to say he considered him an outstanding officer.)  

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