Alimi Ballard, <I>Numbers</i> Alimi Ballard, Numbers

This week on Numbers (Fridays, 10 pm/ET), the CBS drama marks its 100th-episode milestone with a case that harkens back to Day 1, when a serial rapist vexed Don and Charlie. Original cast member Alimi Ballard, who week in and week out offers formidable back-up as Agent David Sinclair, gave a look at the very creepy case to come, raved about the Fonz's utter coolness, and teased a season finale that will leave fans — and a very important something — hanging. A lot of shows seem to be celebrating their 100th episode these days. What is Numbers doing special for the fans this week?
Alimi Ballard: We have a lot of humor, we have a lot of pizzazz, we have Josh Gad [returning as conspiracy theorist Roy McGill].... Numbers is going to be its most fantastic self, as much as humanly possible. And that involves giving longtime viewers a sense of déjà vu, back to the series' very first episode?
Ballard: It's more than creepy. I don't want to give anything away, but it's so creepy. It's a déjà vu to the very first criminal we caught on the show, it's an echo of that case. This guy is so much more skin-crawling creepy.... If it does what it's supposed to do, people will feel spiders crawling on them. Next week, Henry Winkler is back as Agent Bloom. Tell me, are you too young to remember him as the Fonz?
Ballard: I am so not. First of all, he's the greatest human being in the world. On top of that he's an icon. He brings so much positive energy and wisdom and graciousness.... he's amazing. And his role is great in this one. He comes back and he is a hero. An absolute hero. And then he slams his fist on the jukebox and cues up "Blueberry Hill."
Ballard: [Laughs] You know, we were talking about that, and he has such a great sense of humor about it. I tell you, to be a young actor and have a fraction of that type of success and maintain your humility is beyond me. What can you tease about the May 15 season finale? Any explosions, deaths, people leaving the team..?
Ballard: Something is left hanging in the balance. Something is hanging in the balance. And you may not know how it is going to work out. But something very important is hanging in the balance. Hopefully, the fans will love it. What do you enjoy most about playing David Sinclair?
Ballard: As an actor, I get a kick out of doing dramatic and emotional work. But after that, I love blowing things up. I love running, jumping off things, firing automatic weapons, rappelling off bridges.... All that really works for me. Lastly, who there on the set is most likely to get people busting out laughing?
Ballard: Peter MacNicol. No one is funnier. What's his shtick of choice — blurting out the non sequitur, impressions...?
Ballard: David [Krumholtz] actually does the best impressions — of directors, actors. But as far as the non sequiturs that rip us apart, Peter MacNicol is flawless.