Bill Nye

the Science Guy was on hand to help blow up some stuff in his lab. That's cool! I just wish we had gotten a chance to see more of him. But there was plenty of fun stuff in the episode, like an unflappable Alan wandering into his bathroom to find Charlie and Larry fiddling with his bathroom shower. Now another dad might question his adult son being in the shower with another guy, but not Papa Eppes. He ends up using his construction knowledge to help the math guys solve their fire-starter case. Though the case borrowed liberally from the plot of Backdraft

, it was still pretty fun to watch unfold. I really liked the geeky guy who had a big part in some of the explosions. It was interesting to watch Charlie see what could have been if he hadn't had the family he had. A little bit It's a Wonderful Life-ish. Sweet moments like this make me feel so bad for Charlie, who really lost out on his childhood because of his genius ways. But at least now he's got his dad to rely on, and all things considered, he's a pretty well-adjusted human being. Angel Cohn

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