Numbers I learned about another occupation I had no idea existed tonight: quantitative archaeology. I'm still not sure exactly what it means, but it has something to do with math and formulas and excavated remains. While the case was interesting, I have to say that the best part of the entire episode was Larry's dinner party. He made ice cream using nitrogen so cool! I would really have expected nothing less from the geeky guy. And can I just say how much I love Diane Farr

on this show? She's such a welcome addition to this male-dominated cast. Her dry delivery of lines to potential criminals is just perfect. When she was interrogating a suspect whose infidelity landed him in a tough situation, she said, "We're not interested in messing up your marriage any more than you already have, Dr. Hill. But a woman's life is at stake." Nice. So glad to have her around. Angel Cohn

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