Hugh Laurie and Amber Tamblyn Hugh Laurie and Amber Tamblyn

The guest stars and events that the networks have planned for the second week of November sweeps:

Sunday, Nov. 7


The Simpsons (FOX)
Lisa Simpson has a crush on the sparkly new teen vampire in town (Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe); during Marge and Homer's second honeymoon at sea, they meet a castaway who sounds an awful lot like Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie).

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)
Kleenex alert! The design team builds a new home for the Marshall-Spreier family. Breast cancer survivor Jane and her kids were saved from a fire that destroyed their home by a warning from their dog. Pop singer and fellow breast cancer survivor Kylie Minogue performs at the reveal.


NFL Football Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers (NBC)
Will the Packers repeat last year's victory over the Cowboys?


Undercover Boss (CBS)
If you're one of the people who thinks this show has gotten a little too formulaic, you should watch this episode. The owner of the Chicago Cubs, Tom Ricketts, goes undercover with his organization and doesn't last long before — spoiler alert — he's fired!

Family Guy (FOX)
It's Halloween in Quahog and Meg has a totally original costume idea: "slutty cat." Me-ow!


Brothers and Sisters (ABC)
In a case of art imitating life, Dave Annable's real-life wife Odette Yustman guest-stars as a nurse who catches Justin's eye.

Monday, Nov. 8


90210 (CW)
Tweens, get ready! Joe Jonas appears as himself in the zip code when he's enlisted to escort Adrianna to a party celebrating her first magazine cover.

NBC News Special (NBC)

Matt Lauer talks to President George W. Bush for his first one-on-one interview since leaving the White House. NBC Security will be on high alert for shoe-throwing and Kanye-crashing.

House (FOX)
Amber Tamblyn, who's filling in for Olivia Wilde while she plays Tron Legacy with Jeff Bridges, joins the staff as Martha Masters, a type-A med student who Dr. House calls "the love child of Einstein and Mary Poppins."


Rules of Engagement (CBS)
Jeff and Audrey find a potential surrogate, Brenda (Sara Rue), who is no stranger to the process. Joan Collins improbably stops by to play Bunny Dunbar, Russell's mother.


Conan (TBS)
Former Tonight host Conan O'Brien makes his late-night comeback after last winter's debacle at NBC. Among his first guests: Seth Rogen and Lea Michele.

Tuesday, Nov. 9


Papa DiNozzo (Robert Wagner) returns to assist the team with a sensitive case that has connections to a high-ranking Navy official.

Glee (FOX)
This Kurt-centric episode introduces Darren Criss as Blaine, a new gay character from a rival glee club who is rumored to be Kurt's new love interest. Baby steps though: Tonight they play spin-the-bottle.


No Ordinary Family (ABC)
Cybill Shepherd guest-stars as Stephanie's hard-to-please mom. How long before she finds out that her daughter has super powers? And that David Addison has feelings for her? (Oh, wait...)

Life Unexpected (CW)
It's like that scene in Grease where they sing "Summer Lovin'" in split-screen. Cate force-feeds Paige alcohol to see if she'll spill more about Ryan's past while Ryan joins Baze, Math and Jamie for a similarly debaucherous guys' night out.


The Good Wife (CBS)

Alicia will face off with Michael J. Fox, who guest-stars as a shrewd litigator who's her opposing counsel in a massive class-action case. In a refreshing bit of counter-typecasting, apparently the guy's a jerk.


Wednesday, Nov. 10


Country Music Awards (ABC)
Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood host the 44th annual awards. Gwyneth Paltrow will make her country-music debut when she takes the stage with Vince Gill to perform the title track from her upcoming film Country Strong.


Criminal Minds (CBS)

Academy Award nominee Sally Kirkland guest-stars as a 1950s actress; Heroes' Robert Knepper plays her devoted son. We're creeped out already.


Thursday, Nov. 11


The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
Sheldon bumps into Wil Wheaton again, and their cold war continues, this time over movie-theater etiquette.


30 Rock (NBC)

Jack manipulates an election to help a Congressional candidate (Mad Men's John Slattery).  As Roger Sterling himself might say: "When God closes a door, he opens a dress," which is definitely a metaphor for politics. Right?


Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
Ally McBeal alum Peter MacNicol drops by as Dr. Stark, a pediatrician who will be working closely with Alex while Arizona is in Africa. (This post brought to you by the letter capital-A.)

The Office (NBC)
Gabe invites the staff over to his house for a Glee viewing party, which used to be Michael's thing. (Remember that epic dinner party?) Is Gabe moving in on Michael's turf?


The Apprentice (NBC)

Kim Kardashian is featured when the teams must pimp promote her new fragrance with an in-store display.


Friday, Nov. 12


Smallville (CW)

Lois and Clark alum Teri Hatcher appears as Lois' mom, Ella. What's that? Lois' mom is dead? Yes. Yes, she is, so this should be interesting.


The Good Guys (FOX)
Jack and Liz stay at a bed-and-breakfast, but it turns out the friendly owner (Michael Weston) has links to an unsolved crime from Jack's past.


Saturday, Nov. 13


Outlaw (NBC)
NBC has essentially canceled the show, so this so this is your last chance to see Jimmy Smits as an ethically challenged former Supreme Court justice. After all these episodes (um, eight), will Garza and Mereta finally get together?


Saturday Night Live (NBC)

Does Scarlett Johansson have comedy chops? Woody Allen thinks so, and he's never wrong about these things. Just ask Deconstructing Harry star Demi Moore.