Tomb Raider's Lara Croft has had a makeover. What's different about her in TR's sequel, The Cradle of Life (opening Friday)? Well, as Angelina Jolie points out, she gets a more human backstory and emotional connection to her co-stars. Of course, even if teenage boys miss the subtext there, it's unlikely her physical evolution will go unnoticed...

"I wanted her to be closer to my body," Jolie explains of the more modestly bosomed Ms. Croft. "She's a little less video vixen and a little more athletic, more of a real woman. I find that to be sexier. She's proportionate."

Jolie still has all of the digital heroine's toys, though. A self-proclaimed adrenaline addict, she loves Lara's adventurous accessories. "I'm trying to get my hands on her bike," she sighs, "and I liked her [sidesaddle]."

What's happening in Jolie's equally intriguing personal life? Since adopting Cambodian son Maddox and divorcing Billy Bob Thornton, she feels her wacky rep has softened some. "The funny thing to me is that everybody considered it wild when I seemed imbalanced, jumping in pools or getting married or getting tattoos," she wryly observes. "Nobody seems to consider that now, I live in the middle of the [Cambodian] jungle with tigers. Everybody thinks that I'm really normal now!"