Nip/Tuck I knew from last week's previews that this plane-crash episode would be a change of pace, and it was. It even came equipped with a former X-Files

cast member (Mitch Pileggi

as Dr. Marcus). For a while there, I was thinking they gave Julian McMahon a week off, and then 22 minutes in, there's Christian to the rescue. That was Napoleon Dynamite's Sandy Martin so brilliantly playing Helen, the woman Julia was desperately trying to save. I like what the entire experience did for Julia it made her realize how good a surgeon she could be. It also made her get out her frustrations towards her mother Erica. When she thought the woman with the severely burned body was her mama, she was able to tell her all she wanted to tell her, even though a lot of it wasn't pretty. Then we got the now-classic Nip/Tuck shocking ending that makes us wait with anticipation until next week to find out more. How many of you thought that when Julia went to the refrigerator at the end, the Carver was going to show up? Then, poof! it's Erica, and she's not dead. I was already shocked after the pillow suffocation scene. But back to Christian. Of course he started hallucinating that Kimber was there at the accident site telling him that "death is just the ultimate orgasm of life." And good for Julia for firing Quentin. I think we all know someone in our lives just like Quentin who, according to Julia, is "someone who can only be big by making others feel small." Best line was Julia's after Quentin called her a bitch: "Maybe, but at least I'm not yours." Love it.