Courtney Love by Nick Harvey/ Courtney Love by Nick Harvey/
In Part 3 of's new Body Talk series, we take a look at stars' nose jobs, tummy tucks and the other procedures they've admitted to having. Cosmetic surgery is nothing new in the whirlwind of Hollywood trends. Stars young and old have been doing it for years. "Honey, if it's saggin', baggin' or draggin',"

Dolly Parton told Larry King, "I'm gonna have it nipped, tucked or sucked." Yeehaw! And Dolly isn't the only one. Cosmetic surgery is prevalent in Hollywood, and more and more celebrities are discussing their nips and tucks in public.

Gene Simmons, 58, and his longtime girlfriend, Shannon Tweed, 50, put their surgical experience on full view when they documented their face-lifts on their reality show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Courtney Love, 43, keeps a public record of her cosmetic antics via her blog. And Kathy Griffin, 47, told King that she'd had "a brow-lift, where they take your eyebrows and put them on a completely different part of your head, and you look months younger." Jane Seymour, 56, recently told People that she got a boob job in anticipation of flashing Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers. Cameron Diaz, 35, told W she wanted a nose job after a surfing accident because "One side is totally shattered - my septum is basically like a train derailed." Dancing with the Stars pro Karina Smirnoff also had her twice-broken schnoz fixed. Heidi Montag of The Hills has admitted that she was "just thrilled" with her breast augmentation. In perhaps the understatement of the century, Joan Rivers said to the ladies of The View, "I've had a few things done." Tara Reid, 32, discussed her stomach surgery with Us: "I got lipo because even though I was skinny, I wanted - I'm not going to lie - a six-pack." And it's not just the sisters who are doing it. Plenty of guys in Hollywood are following suit. Even the sneering Simon Cowell, 48, has admitted to using Botox. "Every guy I know... has had it now," he told the U.K.'s Daily Mail. Country star Kenny Rogers, 69, has no qualms about discussing his own plastic surgery, saying the pressures of the entertainment industry are so great he's surprised when he meets a performer who hasn't had work done. But not everybody's going under the knife. The new James Bond, Daniel Craig, recently made a vow that he'd never have plastic surgery because he didn't want to end up looking like a "freak" or a "lesbian." It may be easy for Craig to say so, since he's only 39, but Sir Anthony Hopkins, 70, also doesn't want to get "work" done. "Leave it alone for heaven's sake," he has said. "Just get old." Adds Cate Blanchett, 38, "Plastic surgery is a sucker-trap. If everyone keeps doing it, it puts more pressure on everybody to do it." Cindy Crawford has been getting Botox and vitamin injections since she was - get this - 29. But she seems to be reevaluating her choices. "I am 41, people," she recently told TV Guide. "I know I look different than I did when I was 20." At 70, Jane Fonda has also changed sides. She had a breast augmentation many years ago but has had the implants removed and is now speaking out against plastic surgery. "I'm going to try to organize other women in my profession to say no to the 'duck lips' and getting rid of wrinkles. Somebody's gotta give a face to old age!" (When Fonda's 9 to 5 costar Parton heard this quote, by the way, she reportedly quipped, "Well, it ain't gonna be me!") Our readers seem to be almost evenly divided on the issue. In a recent poll, we asked you if you would ever undergo cosmetic surgery: 44 percent of you responded "No way!" But the rest weren't ruling anything out: Almost 30 percent said "I'd consider it," while another 26 percent were even more gung-ho, answering "Sure, if I could afford it." On the other hand, you weren't too excited when High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale, 22, got a nose job, allegedly to fix a deviated septum. "I like the way it looks," Tisdale said of her new face, "like when I was a little girl." Only 14 percent of you approved of Tisdale's nose, while 32 percent answered, "Meh. I can take it or leave it." And 54 percent said, "She looks too different now." "I had a deviated septum fixed this summer," said reader schrantz. "If I came out looking like this, I would have been pissed!" - Michelle Heller What's your take? Is getting plastic surgery just a part of the job of being an actor or public person? Do people usually look better or worse after having work done? Should more stars speak out about the procedures they've had, or should it be a matter of "don't ask, don't tell"? More in the Body Talk series: " Photo gallery: Is 50 the New 30? " 50ish (and Up) and Fabulous! " Photo gallery: Nip/Tuck Is Not Just a TV Show " The Skinny on Hollywood's Unreal Ideal " Photo gallery: The Skinny on Hollywood's Unreal Ideal "'s Top 20 Beauty Scandals and Stories of 2007 " Photo gallery: Top 10 Hollywood Beauty Scandals & Stories of 2007 " Photo gallery: Top 10 TV Beauty Scandals & Stories of 2007 " Special Preview and Polls Coming soon in Body Talk: " Getting Red-carpet-ready with the Stars " A Q&A with TV Guide Network's own red-carpet queen, Lisa Rinna See what the stars are really having "done" in A Little Nip, a Little Tuck: An Insiders Guide to Cosmetic Enhancement from