Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh by Michael Becker/Fox Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh by Michael Becker/Fox

They're back. Miami's busiest plastic surgeons are back in business, but they've moved operations to Los Angeles, where they hope they'll duplicate some of their successes. The Nip/Tuck duo have a rough start, but soon, Sean and Christian have everything they think they want.

TV Guide hung out on the red carpet at Saturday's Nip/Tuck season premiere screening at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. While newly ultrathin star Joely Richardson was a no-show, and her former beau, John Hensley (who plays her son Matt on the FX series), slipped by reporters, some cast and crew were willing to share stories.

Dylan Walsh tells us that with Sean McNamara and Christian Troy moving to sunny Southern California, a new angle was offered to the series: "something we haven't done before - farcical humor... with Sean working on a medical show ['Hearts and Scalpels'] as a technical advisor - has freed us up to make fun, silly fun, of our show, medical shows, TV, the industry, celebrities. Oliver Platt plays the show-runner and Bradley Cooper's the TV plastic surgeon. They've been so ridiculously funny. But the show has never been done [in this way] before. And I've had fun with that."

Julian McMahon channeled a little of his on-screen persona when he revealed of the new season, "You're talking to a guy who spends half of his time in a c--k-sock, walking around absolutely naked. It's f--king memorable. Every episode there's something that kind of clicks. Then you forget that and the next one comes along."

Meanwhile Kelly Carlson admitted she wasn't sure what she could reveal from the upcoming season for her beautiful but very troubled character, Kimber. Carlson did dish that Kimber will find momentary bliss partaking in the allegedly hot in Hollywood, keeps-you-thin crystal meth.

Carlson tells us it was a stressful time for her on the set: It was "nerve-racking and depressing" to film. She also alluded to a new love interest on the show and even further hinted about a subsequent make-out session with John Schneider's character, Ram Peters, the head of Penetrate Video. It seems once-devoted Scientologist Kimber shakes off the confines of her former "religion" and reenters the porn industry. - Reporting by Paula Paige