Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh by Michael Becker/FX Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh by Michael Becker/FX

The stars of Nip/Tuck are taking another stab at contract negotiations.

Heading into the sixth and final season of the FX drama, all cast regulars are angling for sizeable salary bumps, The Hollywood Reporter reports. Leads Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh are looking to double their current $125,000 an episode intake, while Joely Richardson, Kelly Carlson and Roma Maffia are seeking "substantial raises."

The actors argue they may have difficulty landing new gigs in the next few years with Nip/Tuck scheduled to finish airing in 2011.

Talks have been ongoing for weeks and an agreement could be reached as soon as this week. McMahon and Walsh have also recruited famed legal eagle Marty Singer, who helped James Gandolfini with his Sopranos re-up, to speed up the process.

A similar contract dispute went down last season, with FX ultimately paying its stars cash bonuses.

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