Nina Garcia by Barbara Nitke/Bravo Photo Nina Garcia by Barbara Nitke/Bravo Photo
Elle's recently booted fashion director - or shall we say "Editor at Large" - Nina the "Meana" Garcia is branching out from her reality roots on

Project Runway and signing on for a new reality show, reports the New York Post. But wait, it gets better! Garcia's show, Running in Heels, will follow the staff at her new publication Marie Claire - while Garcia's Elle replacement, Anne Slowey, is hosting her own show of a very similar premise, Stylista. That's right - rival reality shows. We haven't seen direct competition this good since The Singing Bee and Don't Forget the Lyrics practically aired on top of each other. The Tyra Banks-produced Stylista premieres Oct. 22 on the CW, and Garcia's Running in Heels is set to debut in March. Which fashionista do you think will have the more entertaining series? - Gina DiNunno Use our Online Video Guide to see a preview of Stylista. Related: " J. Lo to Hit TV's Runway?