This was the last night of competition before what Lauren Sanchez calls the "funale," but Mary Murphy was already celebrating, wearing a flock of crows on her neck and drinking some Paula Abdul juice at the judges' table. Meanwhile Mia's going "on a journey" with everyone, Nigel's talking about Bush taking crumping lessons and Dan's purple-on-purple ensemble seems to have made him looove everyone. So, um, how are the dancers doing?
Kamilah and Jamile: I'm not sure Brian's frenzied hip-hop choreography did them any favors; all I could see was a lot of hair, flailing legs and Kamilah struggling to take off her jacket. The jive was cute, but I could tell Jamile's heart wasn't in it. Kamilah's "Maniac" solo was her first performance to really wow me. Too bad Jamile continued on that '80s theme by doing the robot.
Ashle and Blake: These two are kind of too perfect. I think the smooth waltz is just a really boring dance, so that wasn't their fault. They both have amazing bodies for dance and did all the right moves for the tango. I just can't imagine them ever being able to fake "passion" for each other. Compared to Kamilah's fire, Ashle's solo was pretty bland. Blake had a lot of pretty tricks in his.
Melody and Nick: For the first time in this competition, Melody was my favorite of the girls. Broadway dancing is the ideal style for both of these smiley jazz kids. And it was fun to see Nick act all macho while he flipped little Melody over his shoulders during disco. Her solo totally lacked all the spark she brought to the other performances. Nick's, however, almost matched Blake's flashiness and it was twice as evocative as everyone else's solos tonight. This will be a tough decision, America.