Tammin Sursok by Malcolm Ali/WireImage.com Tammin Sursok by Malcolm Ali/WireImage.com

Nickelodeon has set an April 21 production start for Spectacular!, a TV-movie about a high school choir that's in sad shape until it sees possible salvation in the form of a rock-influenced ringer (played by newcomer/inevitable heartthrob Nolan Funk). The attitude-filled crooner originally joins up purely for a money prize, only to find himself falling for the ensemble's preppy leader (Tammin Sursok). (Call it "American Pie School Musical.")

Nick tells the Reporter, though, that whereas in HSM the youths break into song in, like, the middle of the lunchroom, the Spectacular! musical numbers will be more organic to the plot. No word on a cameo by the spectacular Teri Hatcher.