Nick Lachey by Gary Gershoff/ Nick Lachey by Gary Gershoff/

As MTV beefs up its music programming, Nick Lachey will likely be adding his own Fame-like series to the mix, according to the Reporter.

The former Newlywed is working on a pilot for the show, which will center on students from his Cincinnati alma mater, the School for Creative and Performing Arts. In a format that MTV veep Tony DiSanto promises will break new ground in the genre, the untitled series will weave together students' performances with what goes on at the school.

DiSanto explained: "The stories and relationships are all set to music that's organic in what's going on in the school and also performed by the kids. This is a genre-busting, creative experiment that I'm really excited about." And I'm just excited to see the former Mr. Jessica Simpson busting out with a few professional moves of his own. - Anna Dimond

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