Nick Jonas, Mr. Sunshine Nick Jonas, Mr. Sunshine

Nick Jonas promises that his upcoming role on Mr. Sunshine, as bratty rock star Eli White, is not art imitating life. "This is very different from who I am," he says. "I think people have been given an idea of our different personal lives at this point, so I felt like [I can play] a bit of a jerk."

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The baby Jonas brother, who's just 18, says it wasn't too hard to find inspiration for the role. "After about six years in this business, you meet people along the way who can give you some inspiration for this. I won't name any names, but it was found pretty easily," he says.

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On the other hand, he was thrilled to work with Matthew Perry, who offered him the role personally. "I'm on my way to a venue and get a call from Matthew Perry [who] asked if I wanted to be a part of [the show]," he says. "I walked back into the bus and went, 'Matthew Perry.' [My brothers] were like, 'What happened to Matthew Perry?' They thought he died, and I was like, 'No, much better than that. He asked me to do the show.' They were all very excited."

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Jonas says the best part about playing Eli is his ultimate redemption. "People can be jerks sometimes, but it's really because they're hiding something."

Mr. Sunshine airs Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.