This is, in fact, the droid you're looking for.

No movie release — particularly a Star Wars movie release — would be complete without tons and tons of toys. Obviously, the upcoming JJ Abrams venture is getting in on the fun.

Ahead of what the Star Wars PTB are calling "Force Friday," the Hasbro/Lego merchandising militia has been teasing which toys will be available (first in stores, then undoubtedly for a 500 percent markup the next day on eBay). And one has already nabbed a fan base: A toy version of the BB-8 drone you can control with a smartphone.

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Yes, you read that correctly. Soon you can run a droid on your Droid. Dreams do come true!

The toy is roughly the size of a baseball, AKA the perfect size for taunting your pets with and/or rolling under your couch, never to be seen again.

ABC News (which is owned by Disney, which also owns Star Wars — corporate synergy at work!) posted a video of the toy, which was trending on Twitter Thursday.

They also announced a remote-controlled Millennium Falcon, costumes, Lego versions of everything, and a flying X-Wing. But honestly all we care about is getting our hands on that little orange-and-white delight.

WATCH: Here's the tech that brings BB-8 to life:

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