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Desperate Housewives
After seven seasons, Brenda Strong just scored her first voice-over Emmy nomination for her role as narrator-from-the-grave Mary Alice Young. As part of the upcoming season's mystery plot, she'll have more screen time. "My presence will be woven in more as a series bookend since we know it's [likely] the final year," says Brenda. "Flashbacks will provide some new Young family information that will culminate in an amazing finale." Brenda will juggle Housewives with TNT's new Dallas, in which she plays Bobby Ewing's wife, Ann, "who comes from a ranching family and has a secret!"

The Good Wife
The creators of CBS' Emmy-nominated The Good Wife, Robert and Michelle King, say the new season will see more action for Diane, possibly in the bedroom. "We're pushing the envelope sexually," says Robert. Also expect a new addition to the law firm, with Alicia's Internet-savvy son, Zach, occasionally helping mom at work. And the attorney played by Lisa Edelstein for three episodes will likely be named Celeste and rep an insurance company in a ruthless battle.   

The Mentalist
Fans hoping for a reunion of star-crossed lovers Rigsby and Van Pelt will have to be patient. "There will be a new love interest brewing for my character, likely someone we saw Rigsby strike up a flirtation with in seasons past," says Owain Yeoman, who adds that the most obvious candidate is Sara, a "kooky girl" he met at a dating agency last season. "We had this funny interrogation scene and then she asked me out on a little date. I loved working with her and people reacted favorably."

Modern Family
Bye-bye, Haley? The show's cocreator Steven Levitan, who's once again up for an Emmy, tells me one fall episode will find Phil taking his daughter, now a high school senior, on a college scouting trip to his alma mater.

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