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Bummer! The New Rambo TV Show Won't Include Sylvester Stallone After All

What happened?

Malcolm Venable

Sylvester Stallone won't be involved in that Rambo TV show after all, Deadline reports.

Despite previous reports, which listed Stallone as an executive producer on Rambo: New Blood, that's turned out to not be the case. Apparently, companies backing the project had being wooing Stallone for the show about Rambo's relationship with his son since 2013, but negotiations never came to a formal fruition.

"I wish the others well with the project," he said in a statement.

Sylvester Stallone calls Bruce Willis greedy and lazy after dropping out of Expendables 3

Meanwhile, he's turned his attention to being an executive producer on another action series, The Expendables, which is currently being developed. And given the success - and Oscar buzz - generated by his filmCreed, he'll probably be very busy in the future with other stuff too.

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